CGRC is a Top Workplace! But don’t just take our word for it, for the past several years we have been named Top Workplace by as voted by our employees.

Here’s what some of our employees have to say about working at CGRC:

For me, working at CGRC is more than a career, it is about changing lives. To see the smiles from family’s faces, knowing that I was able to provide the best mental health services, or helping them seek out necessary resources, I know that I have made an impact in some way. CGRC allows me to pursue making a difference to lives as well as the community. - Marlo Y., Blended Case Manager

The reason I love working here is because everyone is friendly and I feel supported by my supervisor and co-workers. I feel like I can talk to my supervisor about anything and hard work is recognized and rewarded. My first day on the job, I left my headlights on and my vehicle died. My supervisor stayed with me (in the pouring rain) while I waited for help. She also made me feel so much better about it! Even though I felt like I was only two inches tall, she revealed some mistakes that she had made in the past, which completely reminded me that I am human and stuff happens! I knew from that day on that I would love this job! -Jamie D, Mental Health Worker/TSS

I started at Child Guidance Resource Centers as an intern in Fall 2011 and then as an employee in Spring 2012. As a new intern, I was overwhelmed by the scope of the programs and information I needed to learn. I thought I'd never be able to get it all figured out. Fast forward 3.5 years and I now find myself involved with many different departments and programs. Great supervisors, trainings and colleagues have all helped get me to this point. I never would have imagined that I would be a part of so many diverse areas, yet stay within the same agency. I have had many opportunities for growth and career development that have increased my clinical skills as well as my confidence. -Dani R., BSC/MT and OPS Therapist

I continue to work at CGRC because of the staff that I work with, including Blended Case Managers, After School Program staff, and all of my supervisors (as well as supervisors from other departments that I have worked with). At the SW Philadelphia office, I feel extremely supported by my supervisors and colleagues. Someone is always able and willing to help me with anything that I need, whether it is an administrative issue or I need clinical consultation. Our office is a cohesive team and we all work together and want to see each other succeed. The atmosphere is professional but also comfortable and as a Behavior Specialist Consultant here, I feel like I have many opportunities to refine my skill set and further grow as a clinician. -Jessica L, BSC

Starting as a TSS at CGRC was a great way to learn about the agency and children with mental health challenges. My advancement to a position in Case Management was a natural transition due to the unabated support received by my supervisor. Management at Child Guidance inspires professional growth in their employees. Supervisors with vast experience in the field are readily available to encourage my success. CGRC is an environment of cooperation and collaboration on all levels. Prior to working at CGRC, I spent most of my career employed in corporate for-profit settings. Of all the places I have worked, CGRC is the most congenial and client focused. -Kara G., Blended Case Manager

CGRC is a Center of Excellence for Autism

In 2012, CGRC was awarded the title by Community Behavioral Health, a Center of Excellence in Autism. Our goal is to assess, treat, and empower families and individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

CGRC recognizes that all children with diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder have a variety of different strengths and needs, and CGRC’s response to treatment moves at different paces throughout the differing stages in a child’s treatment. Respecting the individualized nature with which this occurs is paramount to successful treatment implementation and outcomes. CGRC works to develop a comprehensive treatment plan and recommendations that meet the individual needs of each child. CGRC’s therapeutic approach combines a strong, strength-based behavioral approach, incorporating general ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) principles with a nurturing, humanistic approach that incorporates social stories, social skills training and psychotherapy for individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and their family.

CGRC’s experienced team of highly qualified professional staff and clinicians are continually researching new and empirically supported therapies to utilize with families and individuals diagnosed with ASD. All of the strategies employed are well known, researched and evidenced–based. By working with the child’s strengths, CGRC’s goal for all individuals diagnosed with ASD is to promote and develop social communication and functional living skills while decreasing behaviors that inhibit the child from functioning at their full potential, thus allowing the child to integrate into the least restrictive, most appropriate setting.